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"Pleasant company to work with. Quick dumpster delivery
as promised. Will definitely use Chet's Disposal again. Thank you."

Kristina M

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Chet’s Disposal is the company to call if you want to remove waste quickly and efficiently. We offer all sizes of dumpsters, and there’s no limit to the amount we can get to your property. You can schedule the delivery of dumpster months in advance or even the day before! We've been in the area for quite a while now and as a result, have acquired a borderline ridiculous amount of dumpsters. However many you need, whenever you need them, we’re your one stop!

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The Chet’s Disposal team specializes in demolition on every level. Whether it’s one wall in your bathroom or an entire building in downtown, our team can do it. Being a large company has its perks, and in turn, we have our toys. Our team has every machine you can think of that can be used to safely, cleanly, and quickly bring down a structure. And as you probably guessed, we have plenty of dumpsters to take it all away! We offer extremely competitive pricing and don’t take too many breaks. We’ll be in and out so fast you’ll be left wondering how an entire wall disappeared in just a few hours!

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Home Owner

Chet's came through for us! Had to clean out a backyard full of junk. Would have taken us a few days to clean it out. Chet's got it done within an afternoon and for a great price. Highly recommended. Thank you for your services :).

October 2, 2014

Phillip M.

Property Manager

Thank you for the professionalism your company showed in the demolition process. It was a pleasure doing business with your company and I appreciate the job well done for our property.

October 2, 2014

Susan Peabody

Home Owner

Pleasant company to work with. Quick dumpster delivery as promised. Will definitely use Chet's Disposal again. Thank you.

October 2, 2014

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Chet’s Disposal continues to honor Springfield and its citizens. Chet’s Disposal works tirelessly in Springfield, Massachusetts to inspire that innovation and creativity Springfield is known for. Roll Off Dumpster Rental in Springfield, Massachusetts is about more than a quick project or clean up: it’s about transforming a space and breathing new life to a residential or commercial property. Dumper Rental in Springfield, Massachusetts is easy through Chet’s Disposal’s quick and effective service. For any project, there is only one place in Massachusetts for dumpster rentals: Chet’s Disposal!