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Chet’s Disposal provides quality, licensed and professional residential services. When most hear the word “demolition” they think about an old hotel downtown that is being torn down to put in a mall. But the fact is that most homeowners are involved in some type of residential demolition. If you have ever had a bathroom remodeled, a garage converted, a new roof put on or a swimming pool removed, then you are experienced with residential demolition springfield ma services.

If you are like many homeowners, your experience was probably not the best. You may have noticed that several guys came by and simply sledged-hammered their way through the demolition creating damage, excess trash, dust and debris. In fact, you are likely still picking up nails from that roof removal, right? As common as these stories are, they do not recount responsible and professional residential demolition springfield ma by a contractor. Here is why you need a licensed and experienced demolition springfield ma contractor from Chet’s Disposal:

Demolition is not heaving a sledge hammer over your shoulder blindly every which way. There are considerations such as gas and electric lines, sewage and even geological impact, depending on where the house is. Properties undoing a remodel or total demolition need to be treated prudently. Will your contractor know where gas lines are? At Chet’s Disposal, we do our homework carefully to ensure your job is completed safely. Further, there can be hazardous material such as mercury, asbestos and lead paint. It takes knowledge and competence to interact and handle these substances safely. Homeowners want to be sure that all these dangerous materials are removed completely. The equipment used in demolitions requires skill and certification to operate properly. This is why they require certifications and special licenses to operate. Trust us when we say that you do not what an inexperienced worker driving a Bull Dog and causing irresponsible damage. Chet’s Disposal has access to state of the art, modern equipment for your removal needs. Technology has progressed tremendously since the days of simple cranes and wrecking balls.
Did you know that as a homeowner, you will have to work with your mortgage lender if you are planning to demolish a home that has a lien against it? If you are renovating, has the bank approved your building plans? This is just one of the things Chet’s Disposal can help you prepare for. Because we are so experienced at doing this service, we know what to look for and can tell you about potential issues you may never have imagined. We can even advise you against a remodel if we see that the house is too far gone to be fiscally feasible to renovate. Chet’s Disposal is the best demolition service around. We can say this because our customers have told us this over and over. Call us for your free demolition quote today.
No matter why a home is being partially taken down or completely destroyed, permits need to be drawn. If these are not taken out properly, the fines you will have to pay could greatly increase the cost of your remodel project or demolition. Because we are a licensed contractor, Chet’s Disposal can take care of all needed legal paperwork regarding the project. Also, we can find out exactly where all potentially dangerous utility lines are and work with the utility companies to be sure they are disconnected (not just shut off). We know how homes are put together, and how to take them down properly. Load bearing walls and beams are handled professionally so that the risk of injury or further damage to your home or property is avoided.

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