Waste & Junk Removal

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Anytime there is a demolition, large or small, there is waste; and usually more than you expect. Even the simple removal of a wall to open the floor plan of your home makes a huge mess. So, it makes sense that you want to hire someone who can accommodate all the bits and pieces of what used to be. Chet’s Disposal has the experience and equipment you need so that there is no mess. Here are some things to consider about waste removal and management for dumpster rental western ma services.

Space: How much space do you have to dedicate to a dumpster (rolling or otherwise)? Where will it reside while it is being filled? Many cities do not allow large dumpsters to be “parked” on streets. Do you know what the rules are for your town or neighborhood? Chet’s Disposal does. If you rent a dumpster, where will you place it so that the demolition team can still access the property? These are things that need to be considered.

Green Waste Removal: How much of the material that comes from your project is recyclable? Do you want to try and recycle any of it? If you do, how do you go about doing this? Being environmentally friendly and responsible is a large part of the mission of Chet’s Disposal. We can help you decide how much of the debris is really “debris” and how much can be reused for your next project. We can help you save a fair amount of money in this way.

Dust: This is one of the most difficult elements of a demolition to completely eliminate. Homeowners may want to purchase several air filtration units to help mitigate the particles in the air. At Chet’s Disposal, our preparation in advance in done with dust reduction in mind. This way, families can still live in the rest of their home while the renovation is going on if they need to.

Bulk Waste: Many homeowners do not realize that demotions often involve something called “bulk waste”. These are large and awkward sized pieces of debris that cannot be broken down any further. How will these be managed? The best way is to have an experienced demolition company like Chet’s Disposal at the helm to help property- owners deal with these concerns.

Dumpster Types: The waste management industry has evolved significantly over the past decade. These days, owners can rent rolling dumpsters, front load and rear load, 10 yard or 40 yard sized. Now, there are waste bags that can be rented and when they are filled the waste management company comes and picks them up. How do you know which dumpster option is best for you?  Luckily, Chet’s Disposal can help you decide so you do not have to worry about it! We are able to select the correct dumpsters and get them emptied quickly so your job is completed on time and within budget.

Dangerous Waste Designation: Before a home undergoes any demolition, it must be assessed to see what kinds of hazardous waste may be found.  This is called a Dangerous Waste Designation. Lead paint, PCB ballasts (usually fluorescent lights), asbestos and mercury are the most common. Chet’s disposal is able to properly remove these wastes in an environmentally friendly way.

Any demolition project is more involved than the average person may think. The best way for a successful demolition is to have a licensed and experienced contractor lead the project. At Chet’s Disposal, we offer all the resources you need to know that your project is in compliance with  city ordinances and safe. Call for a quote today.