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As we move along in life, we collect a lot of stuff. Then, one day, we wonder where it all came from and why all this “stuff” is still here. What do we do with it? Usually nothing; and all this stuff does, is take up precious square footage. We can ignore our stuff until we have to move. When this time comes, it is time for a roll-off dumpster. For real!  Forget about the nickels and dimes you may get at a garage sale. Donate the few things you have that are useable and chuck the rest. Just rent, fill, and be done with it. Chet’s Disposal offers a 15 yard roll-off dumpster that is perfect for household debris. The fee is reasonable and includes drop-off, delivery, and dumpsite fees. Plus, the rental is for up to 14 days; plenty of time for you to go through all your stuff carefully a little bit at a time. In case you think you would never need a dumpster, consider these situations next you need services for dumpster rental springfield ma.

dumpster rental springfield ma

  • You have to move long distance: Long distance moves truly force us to decide what “things” are important. Once the price of shipping them is considered, the paltry rental fee of a roll off dumpster starts looking pretty good!
  • You inherit a household of stuff:  Things happens. Someone passes away and leaves the entire house (and all the stuff in it) to you. Sounds great, right? Yes and no. Before you can enjoy your new inheritance, you have to empty all the stuff out. Trust us; a dumpster will become your best friend!
  • You get new furniture: Exciting as this is, delivery does not include hauling away all your old furniture. Instead of parking that plaid and paisley upholstered sofa on your curb for 3 months hoping someone will “take it”, rent a dumpster!

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